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Installing new firm management software is challenging. So many questions to be answered – even knowing what questions to ask can be difficult!

With experience both as client and installer, Legal Practice Management has the experience you need to guide you through every step of the process.

  • LEAP installation & training
  • LEAP from LEAP 2003 to LEAP Office (v10)
  • LEAP conversions from LEAP Office (v10) to LEAP (in the Cloud)
  • Conversion to LEAP from other programs
  • Project Management – LEAP Installations for larger firms
  • Transferring LEAP from MYOB to Xero
  • Data Entry
  • Other Training

LEAP installation

Whether you are an established law firm or starting out, a sole practitioner or a number of employees, installing new software is challenging, confusing and stressful. LPM has extensive experience not only in LEAP installations, but ongoing practical experience in using LEAP on a day to day basis. Liz Zylinski also has direct experience as a client installing LEAP, and fully understands the concerns, potential problems and pitfalls of a new software installation, and will work with you to guide you through a seamless installation process.


Our training sessions are never ‘once size fits all’ and are tailored to suit the participants, so your staff won’t waste time sitting through training that isn’t relevant to their role.  We adapt to suit your staff, your firm and your specialisations. From induction training at installation to bookkeeper training with your accounts staff, or follow up and new staff training later, LPM will cater for your training needs. Well trained staff are vital to gaining the maximum benefit of your LEAP software investment.

Converting to LEAP from other programs

Are you looking to convert to LEAP from another program such as Locus, Infinity, Affinity, LawPlan, LawPerfect, Perfect Balance, FilePro, Open Practice, BHL, Iceridge, LawWare, PC Law and Practice Evolve?

We can assist you in the data conversion process and work with you and your team to ensure you get the most out of your new LEAP program.


Whether you are upgrading to LEAP office (v10) or to LEAP’s flagship Cloud program we can help you with the conversion process.  We will assist you to prepare your data both before and after the conversion process, plus ensure that the necessary reports have been run. Our staff will attend your office to install the converted data on each of your computers and train your staff on the new program. Legal Practice Management’s accounts knowledge and assistance before and after installation will minimise your downtime, maximise your productivity following the changeover and prevent accounts and reconciliation problems going forward.

Project Management – LEAP Installations for larger firms

Does your firm have 8 or more users? Then you need Legal Practice Management’s Project Management assistance and expertise. Transitioning to a new software package is a challenge for any firm, but even more so for a larger firm.

With direct experience as a client project managing the implementation of LEAP at a firm of 10 staff, plus numerous LEAP project management installations, Legal Practice Management (LPM) fully understands the issues and pressure points in preparing for your LEAP installation, including preparing your accounts data, running pre-conversion reports, organising your training schedule, etc.

LPM will assist you at every step of the process to make the transition as easy as possible, from installation to staff training.


Data Entry – Legal Practice Management can help you with all your data entry requirements, whether LEAP 2003, LEAP Office (v10), LEAP Cloud and Xero. Data entry work can be completed on or off-site for your convenience. For more information or to obtain a quote, please complete our contact form.

Our services include:

  • matter information
  • client cards (including merging/removing duplicated cards)
  • cost recoveries and other disbursements
  • office transactions
  • debtor balances
  • trust transactions
  • trust reconciliations
  • opening balances
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