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Struggling with your office accounts? Can’t get trust to reconcile? Are you spending hours working on the firm accounts which would be better spent working with clients? Don’t know whether you are making a profit or not?

As specialists in legal bookkeeping and LEAP software, Legal Practice Management can assist with all areas of your firm’s management, from reconciling your trust account, managing your office expenses, payroll, superannuation, making sure you meet your BAS and PAYG obligations correctly and on time, and producing reports so you can see whether your business is growing. We are experienced legal bookkeepers, Xero Certified Consultants and LEAP experts.

As a Member of the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers, specialising in legal bookkeeping, Legal Practice Management offers full Legal Bookkeeping service, including

Our services include:

  • office payments and receipts
  • cost recoveries and other disbursements
  • trust payments and receipts
  • trust End of Month processing
  • full office accounts management in Xero, including entering purchases and money spent; payroll, superannuation, PAYG and end of financial year obligations; BAS and IAS calculation and lodgement
  • entering opening balance invoices if required
  • managing the integration between LEAP and Xero
  • trust reconciliation and End of Month processing
  • reports, including Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet, Aged Debtors Report, WIP reports, Trust to Office Transfer Availability reports.
  • liaise with your accountant and the ATO if required and other statutory obligations

Our service to you is determined by YOUR needs. Do you need a bookkeeper for a few hours a week, a fortnight, or once a month? We can come to your office or work remotely. Contact us to discuss your needs and for a quotation.


Effective accounts management means better profitability for your business. Legal Practice Management’s passion is to see law firms maximise their potential by efficient and effective accounts management. We understand that every firm is different, and our LEAP bookkeeper training reflects the needs of your staff and your firm.

Legal Practice Management offers bookkeeper training in LEAP 2003, LEAP Office (v10) and LEAP. If your bookkeeper needs guidance in general legal bookkeeping, Legal Practice Management can also assist.

For more information, please complete our contact form.

Changing Accounting Packages (Xero)

The transition from MYOB to Xero within LEAP is a straightforward but not simple process, and complex to fix if mishandled. A strong understanding of LEAP and accounts is needed to manage the transition correctly. Legal Practice Management has successfully transitioned a number of firms from MYOB to Xero and can help you make the change.

Splits, Mergers & Incorporations

It’s not just a new ABN! Are you changing from Sole Trader to a company? Are you merging with or re-branding an existing firm? Is your firm splitting into two or more entities? While it seems simple, these are surprisingly complex scenarios with big implications if not properly managed. With a strong accounts background, Legal Practice Management can help you and your accountant navigate through the complexities of transitioning your trust account, LEAP, and Xero office data files to your new firm.

Trust Reconciliation and General Legal Bookkeeping

As a Member of the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers, specialising in legal bookkeeping, Legal Practice Management (LPM) has a thorough understanding of Victorian Trust Regulations and can assist you with meeting your monthly Trust obligations. LPM offers a full trust bookkeeping service, including:

  • trust payments and receipts if required, to weekly clients
  • monthly trust reconciliation
  • End of Month processing
  • End of trust year Statement of Trust Monies declaration (‘Form 5′)

Having problems reconciling your trust account?

We can assist you with straightening it out, provide you with further training if needed, and bring your trust account back into line. Contact Legal Practice Management to discuss your needs and for a quote.

Struggling to complete the Statement of Trust Monies end of trust year declaration?

LPM can assist by complete the online data entry, and provide you with a printed report for your authorisation ready for you to lodge, saving you valuable time and ensuring your disclosure is full and correct. NB. please contact LPM well before 31 October, as this is a busy time of year and availability can be limited.

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